Friday, July 29, 2005

New Tornado Location - Westview Elementary

Risa Tewksbury reports -

We felt that Westview worked great this week and had plenty of room for all three games, so we are returning for future outings. Please pass the word on to anyone that does not read the emails, or didn't hear the announcement at the last outings.
On Tuesday, August 2nd Tornados will meet at Westview Elementary School field at William and Russell.

Again the split will be preschoolers playing whiffle ball on a reduced field, K and 1st playing on a field, and the "big" kids playing on the real field.

The kids going into 2nd grade on up are playing 3 outs, and get pretty serious so if you have someone in that age group that would rather play down with the K-1's or help with the little kids, that is fine.

Likewise if you have someone that really wants to play up and you don't think they are at risk of getting hurt (read Joe Bagger) they can play on the "real" field.

Even MORE swell pics HERE!


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